Business Memberships

Business Monthly Membership
$20 / Month
Business Annual Membership
$240 / Year

What Our Members Are Saying

As a long-time member and ministry partner of the Christian Business Network, I have found access to the global connections within CBN to be very valuable. I do not know of any other network that will provide connections with Christian business men and women all over the world. All in all, I have been very impressed with the many partnership opportunities I’ve had with CBN, and I would highly recommend CBN membership to fellow CBMC members as well as any Christians in business or ministry who desire to increase their contacts and broaden their impact in their local community and beyond.

Chuck Whitmore

CBMC Maryland

“I have found in CBN strong, focused leadership that influences the meetings as well as the membership. I have experienced vital support from people that follow through on what they say and who have been genuinely helpful in the business with which I have been entrusted. My association with the Christian Business Network has unquestionably been a timely blessing to me and to my entire company.”

Dennis Carter

“As a direct result of my membership in the Christian Business Network, I have received great wisdom and practical insight from fellow members on how to properly conduct business. CBN has helped me to change my view on how I represent my company. The vision of the Christian Business Network is most certainly bearing fruit. Christ is being represented in the marketplace through men and women of integrity and godly character. I hope many others will join us.”

Jackie Hamilton