Church Group

Connect with Christian Professionals in Your Church

Search a private group for Christian professionals associated with your church.

Learn more about the Christian professionals who attend your church.

Discover ways to connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other.

Any member of Marketplace Ambassadors may request to have a private online group created for members of their church to join. Simply submit a Private Group Request Form.


Begin now to build greater community among the Christian professionals in yours church.

Participating church members benefit by being able to …

  • Create a professional and secure member profile
  • Connect with group members in a variety of ways
  • Communicate with group members in various ways
  • Examine the professional profiles of group members
  • Expand their network of trusted professionals
  • Join Regional, Industry, and Professional groups
  • Search for group members using various criteria

Participating churches benefit because these groups …

  • Communicate a sense of value and recognition of their marketplace ambassadors.
  • Communicate that the church genuinely cares about its marketplace professionals.
  • Delegate the membership criteria and vetting responsibility to a trusted third party.
  • Eliminate any legal ramifications that might exist in a church-sponsored group.
  • Empower church leaders to reach new audiences and to recruit new members.
  • Enable overseers to remain informed of the professional lives of their flock.
  • Enhance the church community experience from a professional’s perspective.

What we offer to churches and their members:

Marketplace Ambassadors will create a private online group unique to your church and its members. We will also train one group member to function as the Group Ambassador who, in return, will receive a FREE Associate, Business, or Premium Membership. There are NO fees or responsibilities required of a church and its leadership, and there are NO fees required of church members to join a group. The only requirement to join a church group is to become an official member of Marketplace Ambassadors and membership is FREE!